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Maintaining CRM of GRABBIT

    RTPS ventures taking care of CRM for Grabbit Media Pvt Ltd

    Grabbit provides the easiest and fastest merchant- customer engagement. With all businesses looking to reach customer with their offers/deals the fastest and easiest way and reduce the time - cost cycle of printing , moving towards the philosophy of no paper and green environment. An innovative and new way to engage with guests, improve customer satisfaction & encourage customer loyalty. Cutting thru the barriers of brick & mortar businesses with limited resources (both human & financial) to dedicate an elaborate strategy of engaging with customers and closely managing customer relations/communications.

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Providing exemplary services inside a tumultuous system utilizing digital technologies is in our deoxyribonucleic acid. we have a tendency to believe digital technology promotes collaboration, it promotes cohesiveness and provides organizations with the facility to require choices supported insights, serving to them race past competition. We’ve grown to challenge the conventional and that we pride oneself in delivering solutions that transcend benchmarks and standards.

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we have a tendency to bring a healthy mixture of folks, Process, and Technology to our drawing boards to form next-generation client experiences. we have a tendency to free them from mundane tasks through the magic of automation, empower agents and amplify their performance through sturdy data management systems giving them longer to think about strategy and business whereas we have a tendency to become their extended command centre..